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October 1, 2011 was the day of the 7th Annual Johnny Ramone Tribute Event.  This years event was your typical event, but had a twist.  The Misfits were part of the event this year.  They and Tommy Ramone did a autograph session.   The RamonesForever Crew were there again in full force with video and still cameras.  We did our usual thing of capturing the event.  We were able to get into the event early and parked in the VIP area.  We waited there for a while and say non other than Tommy Ramone pull up.  We waited for him and let him walk arround for a bit before we went up to him to get some stuff signed.  Tommy is always good to me and signs my stuff.  I always limit my items for him to sign as I never want to bother him too much.  The other guys know that I always take a million things to get signed.   


The Misfits had a ton of people following them.  I got to take photos with them before the show and they were really cool.  They as the Ramones are/were always great with the fans.  I appreciate that very much.


We did not stay too long at the event as we had a very long and busy day.  Our first stop that day was....RICHIE RAMONE's HOUSE.  We had lunch with him and hung out in his studio.  Check out the photos in the Richie Ramone section. 

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