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January 17, 2003 I attended my very first Marky Ramone solo concert.  He was performing with the Speedkings.  My brother and I arrived at the small venue early as usual to try and meet Marky.  It was cold and we waited for almost two hours going back and forth from the backstage entrance and the main entrance.  At one point we head back to the backstage entrance and as we got there, we saw Marky enter the building.  I couldn't believe that we missed him.  I was extremely disappointed thinking that it was going to be my only chance that night to meet Marky.  We then entered the venue and it was almost time for Marky to go on stage.  I went up to the stage and asked a few members of the Speedkings if it would be ok to take photos during the show.  They had no problem with me doing so. That is why I have many photos of this show. .  Marky then came on stage and began to soundcheck his drums.  I of course took photos of that.  


Once he was ready, there was a guy that introduced Marky in a very special way using about 100 bad words. They played for forty minutes.  Most of the songs were from his solo stuff and there were a few Ramones songs as well.   The show was loud and fast.  The Speedkings even posed for photos while performing.


As soon as the show ended I grabbed two setlist from the show.  After the show I went up to one of the Speedkings and asked if he could get my Ramones CD inserts autographed by Marky, he said yes.  A few minutes later he came back with my autographs. 


We then headed outside to wait for Marky to exit.  It took a while for him to come out.  As soon as he came out he had a big crowd around him.  Of course I had to be the first one to go up to him.  I gave him more things to sign and took a few photos with him.  He signed my set list.  He then handed out drumsticks and autographed them.  


Marky is always great with his fans.  He then had to leave.  I have great memories of that night.

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