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June 24, 2003 I attended my second Marky Ramone performance.  I was not aware of Marky's concert. In fact I found out about five hours before he went on stage.  Marky was performing with the Misfits.  I did not have a ticket nor did I plan to buy one.  My brother and I grabbed many of our Ramones items, so that we could wait by the backstage are to try to meet him.  We waited for a long time outside and there was not sign of Marky.  We did know that he had not yet arrived.  We were looking for a van him to arrive in.  We did see Jerry Only and Dez Cadena outside their trailer.  After a long while up pulled a small car and in the back seat Marky came out.  It was an amazing moment to see my hero.  We slowly approached him and I asked if he could sign some autographs for us.  I gave him over 10 items for him to sign, I actually told asked him if it was ok to sign so much.  He had no problem doing so.  We took a few photos with him.  He was telling us that he had just came from his hotel where he was taking a nap.  I was telling him about his San Diego performance with the Speedkings just five months prior.  He told me that it was a great show.  It was a great encounter.  We were the only two fans that went up to him.  After we met him, he went inside the trailer.  


I was too excited and I called my beautiful wife and told her our story.  She gave me the great idea of asking Marky if he could take us into the concert.  I said that I would do it, but I was not sure if it would work.  After a long while, Marky came out of the trailer and started to go to the backstage entrance. That was my chance.  I went up to him and said "Marky, can I ask you a question?  He said "yes".  I explained to him that my brother and I did not have any tickets to the show and if he could please take us in.   Marky did not even think about for one second.  He told us to follow him.  We did have trouble at the front door, but Marky said that we were with him.  All of a sudden we were inside the venue for FREE! We thanked Marky and we went to the stage area.


This story is very true and if you know Marky then you know that he is a very cool person to his fans.  The Misfits took the stage about one hour later.  I always heard that the Misfits play Ramones songs. During the middle of the show, the started to play Ramones songs.  I then pushed my way to the front of the stage and so that I could take photos.  Well, it was not to smart, because I got kicked in the back of the head.  I thought that I was going to get knocked out.  I then left that area and we decided to go home.  Another great Marky experience.

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