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October 29, 2004 I attended my third Marky Ramone performance. Marky was performing with the Misfits at this show. The show time on the ticket said 8PM, my brother and I arrived at the venue around  7PM.  We got there a little early to see if we could meet Marky as he would be entering the venue. I took about 20 pieces of Ramones memorabilia for him to sign.  We waited, waited and waited in the freezing cold outside the venue that was located at the beach. Every time we saw a car come close we thought that it was him. It was about 8:30 and still no Marky.  I asked the person at the ticket window for the time that the Misfits were going to perform and he said at MIDNIGHT!!!!. We were not aware of that or we would have arrive much later.


Instead of taking off and coming back, we decided to stay. It was about 10PM when we saw Jerry Only and Dez Cadena.  We took pictures with them and got their autographs.  Still no Marky.  So we waited and waited and at 11:55 PM we saw Marky walking with Jerry and Dez in a fast pace to the front door. I yelled out "Marky can you please sign a few autographs...we have been waiting for almost 5 hours".  He looked like he was in a rush, but in good old Marky fashion...he decided to stop and sign many autographs for us. At one point Marky gave my Ramones items to Jerry Only for him to start signing them too.  Jerry knew that I was more of a Ramones fan than a Misfits fan and told Marky that he should be the only person to sign those items. I thought that was really nice of the same time I was relieved that he did not sign them.  I only wanted Marky's autographs. We took pictures with him and even got to speak to him about the Ramones 30th Anniversary Party.  I told him that he was really great, then Jerry asked me how Marky's drumming was.  I told him that "he never missed a beat"...both of them started to laugh. After about 10 minutes they finished with us and headed to the venue.  I then put my stuff in my car and heard them start to perform.  It was funny to know that we made them late for their own show.  We went inside the venue and it was totally packed.  We could not get close enough to take good pictures.  During the Misfits usual Ramones set, Marky dedicated the set to Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee.  To hear Marky say that was such a great feeling.  We stayed for a few minutes and then we left before the show ended.  

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