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March 11, 1994 I attended my second ever Ramones concert. Original dates was on March 13th.  At this concert was when I first met a Ramone.  I was buying t-shirts at the merchandise area and someone pointed out that CJ Ramone was talking to someone in the lounge area.  I could not believe that he was only a few feet away from me.  I asked so many people if they had a permanent marker.  After I found one I went up to CJ and asked him for an autograph. He was very nice and signed my white Ramones shirt that I had just purchased along with my ticket.  He signed autographs for a few other people and the I saw him leave to a side stage area.  I waited for a while near that side stage area and noticed a man (possibly Monte Melnick) passing buy with a backstage pass.  I asked him if he could get my shirt autograph. He said yes, and went to a room for a few minutes and came out with my shirt autographed by Joey, Johnny and Marky.  I could not even believe how lucky I was.  I proudly put the shirt on and walked around like I owned the place. This shirt is my favorite Ramones memorabilia (too bad my mom washed the shirt and it faded a little). This was a excellent show.  I can still remember Joey saying " San Diego , it's time for a real education...take CJ....1-2-3-4!"


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