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November 7, 1995 I attended the very final San Diego performance of the Ramones.  They were opening up for Pearl Jam.  I was not planning to attend this sold out show because the Ramones were announced months after the tickets went on sale.   It was about four hours before the show and my brother and I decided to go to a ticket agency and pay allot of money to get tickets.  We went to a ticket agency where there were many people in line trying to get tickets.  We were able to get two general admission floor tickets for $90.00 each.  Yes, it was allot of money but we were going to see the Ramones.  We arrived at the 13,000 seat venue and headed down to the general admission floor area.  We pushed ourselves as close as could be.  Keep in mind that this was a Pearl Jam show and not a Ramones show.  We were one of the very few real Ramones fans that were able to attend this show.  We ended up around 2nd row next to CJ's area.  After a while the lights turned off and we hear "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly"...that was enough for me to go bananas!!!  The boys came out on stage...Marky came out first.  Then all of a sudden CJ yelled out 1-2-3-4! and Durango 95 started and there was no stopping them.  They played about 45 minutes of non-stop loud and fast songs.  After the last song "Pinhead" Joey said "Adios Amigos".  At the time, I was not aware that this performance would be my very last Ramones show.  Just a few month later they announced the final tour.

After the Ramones performance my brother and I left the show (again we are not Pearl Jam fans).  We headed outside to the backstage entrance into the Sports Arena to see what trouble we could get ourselves into.   We did not have to wait at all for something to happen.  As we got close to the entrance....their was....Johnny Ramone signing autographs.  I had left my camera in the car.  I ran as fast as I could to the car and got the camera.  I finally made it back and Johnny signed my Mondo Bizarro CD insert for me and I took two photos of him.  As usual Johnny was great with the fans.  It is nice to know that even though we was a living legend, he never never never forgot about the fans.  Two of the photos are with Linda Ramone.   It was time to go home, great show and $90 well spent.


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