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I knew that October 1, 2011 was going to be a good day, but did not realize how awesome it turned out to be. The Ramonesforever Crew (Javier, Omar and I) was invited to the home of Richie Ramone.  Yes, you read right the home of Richie Ramone.  I have had many great Ramones experiences, but not as personal as this one.  I was preparing for this visit for several weeks, gathering many Ramones items that Richie was part of for him to sign.  In addition I was putting together all of the equipment that we would need for filming and photographing the visit.


With our trunk full of equipment and memorabilia, we left San Diego at 10AM and drove for three hours.   The excitement was increasing, the closer we got to his house.  We got off the freeway and drove until we found his street..."Next Stop Richie Ramones House"!  It was 1PM and we parked on the street and started to walk to his door.  I rang the doorbell and there he was Richie Ramone of the Ramones!  That was enough for us.  We walked inside and spoke in the kitchen for a few minutes then we got into our car and drove to a restaurant for lunch    We could not believe that we had a Ramone in our car.


Tiffany Ramone joined us for lunch.  We all spoke about Ramones stories, fans, future projects etc.  Richie is very funny and says the craziest things (poor Tiffany).  Lunch was great, but Richie and Tiffany would not let me pay so the next time I will pay.


After lunch, we headed back to his house.   We went straight to Doghouse Studios, this is Richies custom state of the art recording studio at his home.  It looked really, really, really great!  Richie played the drums for us, while we took photos and video.  He made it looks so easy (I can barely tie my shoes). That was a special treat.  Next, was even better Riche sat behind the console and showed us about 18 minutes worth of several demos that he has recorded.  They sounded really good and heavy, just the way they should be.  Being a collector of Ramones and Ramones related recordings, this was very special to me.  I almost had the guts to ask him for copies of these.  He has so many demos, just think of the stuff we are missing out on.


We then went back to his living room for Richie to sign things for me.  I took so many things for Richie to sign and was embarrassed to take them out of the box.  He said that it was ok and not a problem.  He signed magazines from 1985, several Too Tough To Die CD inserts from all of the world, shirts from Subterranean Jungle, Ramone$ Aid, Animal Boy, final show and  He also signed my 1989 Brain Drain Tour USED drum head.  There was about thirty five items that he signed + twenty-five postcards.   I could tell that he enjoyed looking at the stuff I had for him to sign. 


In the living room, Tiffany told me that on the table there was the Latin book that was used on the "Im Not Jesus" song from the Halfway To Sanity album.  During the song, someone reads a passage in Latin.  It was cool to be holding something that was used in a Ramones album.  


After that, I asked Richie if he would make a few promotional videos for  We went back to the studio.  I asked him to say "Hey, this is Richie Ramone, visit", and then a second one  "Hey, this is Richie Ramone, SUCKS".  He thought it was funny to do and he did it.  It was too funny and I love it.  Both videos came out really good.


For videos, please visit the YouTube of


Richie & Tiffany,

Thank you for inviting us to your wonderful home. You both are awesome!  I am very grateful for the opportunity.  I have always said that I am only a fan, and things like this just dont happen to fans...I guess I was wrong!

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